Suffering from monochromatic vision?  Welcome back to Black tie Season!

The Opera, Galas, Holiday Parties, Fundraisers, Charity Events, Weddings.  Don't be caught by surprise.  The season of Black tie is upon us, and as usual we are taking the necessary steps to prepare. 


Do not be fooled by the seemingly banal name, Blacktie Season can be as equally awash with colour as Beach Season. 

Abs? Irrelevant

Age? Irrelevant

Weight/Height? Irrelevant

Black tie Season celebrates an annual return to elegance.  A revelry in subtlety and refinement for men and women of every shape.

It references a level of formal wear too often misinterpreted as a restriction of colour.  Lapels, Accents, Dinner Jackets, Linings, Ties, Hankies, Cufflinks, Socks…the possibilities are endless. We refuse to stop exploring the boundaries of colour, and welcome you to do the same all season long!