Ride (in style) or Die! We partnered with the gentleman at Gallant Bicycles for a true bespoke experience. We were truly impressed with the level of customization possible, a process clearly quite dear to our hearts. They took us through the endless permutations step by step, that combine to create a truly personalized experience. No detail was spared, as every bespoke experience should start, they spent some time getting to know our specific needs and uses for the bike, choosing the frame, seat, gears and structure of the bike accordingly.

They guided us through the styling, providing unimaginable options and patience as we tailored each specific detail to our personal taste. This was unquestionably an opportunity to truly appreciate the painstaking craftsmanship and passion put into every product. It was an education and a privilege to work together, next step: learn to ride a bicycle?

Don't forget to watch our video of the process - we had some fun making it!