In the sweet heat of summer, Md wants to ensure you’re feeling the breeze. This season, our discreetly ventilated shirts will keep you feeling fresh and cool all summer long. Whether you’re at the office, a wedding or outdoor event, our unique V-system will ensure your comfort level is in check.

What began as a simple solution for clients who were overheating, has evolved into a styling detail so subtle, it’s virtually invisible. Initially, Md experimented with lightweight fabrics and mesh to keep clients cool. When those didn’t solve the problem, he began experimenting with discreet vent holes under the arms and on the back of shirts.

The V-system has presented itself as a simple solution in solving a big problem. Air can now circulate through a client’s wardrobe, keeping them cooler on even the hottest days. On office shirts, the V-system is virtually invisible with tone-on-tone stitching. On casual wear, Md incorporates the vents into the design, creating an artistic effect.

Building your best wardrobe remains our priority. Md is—and always has been—devoted to creating excellent custom garments that fit the needs and lifestyles of our clients. Ask about our V-system at your next fitting to ensure you’re feeling the breeze all summer long.